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TRAC offers training and tutoring programs including various business topics as well as online college/MBA academic tutoring.

Decades of real-world business and 5 years of university teaching experience allows us to provide mentoring, training and tutoring in business areas as well as senior-level college and MBA business subjects.





Training & Mentoring Programs

Business Plan Training & Advice

Business Plans are often misunderstood. Are they necessary? What are they used for? How should the Plan be prepared, organized and used? Learn from experts who have not only organized and funded numerous companies over the years, but have also taught advanced business courses at university. Let these experts provide you with simplified training and advice on your Business Plan.

Strategic Planning & Opportunity Assesment

Learn how to perform a quick and important assessment of opportunities and create a strategy for growth. Whether for local growth or international expansion, having a checklist and a map helps in staying organized and performing more efficiently.

Sales Training

Learn the secrets of successful salesmanship. Sales is a science based on years of research and experience. Learn the right techniques that can be applied to almost any type of sales.

Courses for beginners or advanced refresher courses.

Finding Partners In International Business

As a former Chair of the US Commerce Department/Commercial Service's District Export Council, TRAC's trainers can teach you how to easily identify, classify and set up overseas partners that can assist with your global expansion program. Learn the legal issues, the checklists, the strategy. TRAC's experience in senior management for two decades in international manufacturing, sales and marketing can be of invaluable assistance to your own efforts.


General Marketing, Advertising, Managemnt, Organization

TRAC can provide short or long-term training sessions and programs on a variety of business topics that can greatly assist in your company's efforts to increase efficiencies and better compete in your market space.




Online Tutoring Services

Certified Tutor

TRAC Marketing's Neil Whittey has been a Certified Tutor with one of the nation's premier in-person and online tutoring services. Neil works with business people as well as college and MBA students in a variety of business and media production subjects.


Your Certified Tutor's Profile

Experienced university instructor, business executive and entrepreneur with strong business and marketing education/training reinforced with 40+ years of experience in most all areas of business.


Education includes a B.Sc. in Business Administration/Marketing, post-graduate continuing education in Management at Notre Dame, additional MBA courses at WGU, plus specialized intensive training in Japan on how to do business in Asia. Also  countless training seminars in most all aspects of business including finance, taxation, capital formation, international business issues, labor, marketing, etc.


This tutor's approach to teaching business – whether as a university instructor, tutor or consultant – is to use his years of diverse business experience to translate what is in a textbook to real world examples in order to clarify both the issue and the importance of key principles. The objective is to not only allow a student to pass a test but, just as importantly, understand concepts well enough to achieve greater success and make better decisions if they should decide to enter the business world.


Business has a high fatality rate of approximately 85-90% within 10 years. If a student can be trained in how to avoid mistakes and make better decisions using proven business principles, passing exams will be relatively easy.





Your tutor is currently a consultant in marketing, management, international business and media production. He has had 5 years experience as a University Instructor teaching advanced-level courses in International Business, International Marketing, International Management, as well as advanced Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship (business startups).


His business experience includes a track record of creating marketing and business successes on a local, regional, national and international level in B2B, B2G, and B2C as well as for non-profits. He has formed, founded, funded and been in senior management with 10-12 different businesses and organizations.


His expertise in capital formation and finance was honed by years of experience as a Member of the US Securities & Exchange Commission's Small Business Capital Committee where they worked on equity funding regulations and issues for small business.


For many years, he had been appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce as Chairperson of a District Export Council, a part of the US Commercial Service, to provided mentoring, training and guidance for exporting companies. As Chair, he also cofounded a private/public State International Trade Office.



His business experience includes:


  • The hospitality industry (hotel, food, beverage, restaurants, individually and combined) including fine dining and luxury hotels;
  • Consumer electronics, computers, mobile/cellular (including founding the #1 US outlet for a premium electronics line);
  • Automotive dealerships and auto accessories stores;
  • Web based e-commerce businesses;
  • Broadcasting/radio (included starting what would become the #1 radio station in that market);
  • Marine business (chartering and new yacht dealership) and aviation;
  • High-end coffee products from beans to machines (retail), high-end home appliances, furniture and fine art, entertainment;
  • Export/International Business Assistance, Training and Support.

As a consultant, your tutor has also worked in a variety of other industries/business sectors. His knowledge of business is not simply theoretical or from reading about or studying business. When it comes to business management, marketing and finance, he's been there and done that. His students have always appreciated his ability to clarify complex business issues by making them real.

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Experience-Based Consulting

Decades of senior-level international management and marketing experience in diverse industries.

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Yacht Photography & Video

Professional photographers who know yachts, what to shoot and how to post-process for maximum quality.

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Media Production

Full production of print, audio, video, point-of-sale and electronic/digital media for a wide variety of uses.

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Training & Tutoring

Training programs in a variety of areas, plus on-line tutoring in advanced college and MBA courses.


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