TV Commercials

  • Client: Corwin Churchill Appliance & Keller Williams Realty
  • Date: Wednesday, 09 January 2013
  • Info: Assisted by TRAC marketing programs, CCA has become the largest Whirlpool BrandSource dealer in the North Central Region.

TRAC Video Productions can provide budget friendly HD TV commercials. Video media can be produced in 4:3 SD or 16:9 HD formats for use in broadcast. Video can also be produced for use on the web or in a DVD format.

Live video can be shot in stunning 24 or 30 progressive format (24fps) for a cinema film-like look with cine-gamma settings and color grading that rival Hollywood productions. These examples show only a small sample of the limitless effects and styles that can be used for your video production needs. Let TRAC Video Productions create the right look for your organization.